What We Do

We develop new ideas and strategies based on language that’s proven to work. We don’t guess.

We surgically explore what your audience, employees, or customers think, and we develop messages and communications plans that connect to how people really feel.

From commercials to everyday communications, how do you know if your message is working? Do you know how people really feel when they hear what you say? Our approach is that we test what really works, down to the word, with the actual people you are trying to influence. One of the biggest mistakes about crisis communications is that you don’t have time to test your messages, or plan out your communications strategy. In some cases, that may be true. More often than not, crises are events that are seen well before they actually become public. The language and messages you use during these crises can’t be divorced from the public strategy you employ. Redefining who you are, reaching new audiences and rebranding how you are perceived are not small tasks. In today’s 24/7 media world, this requires a disciplined plan. It requires a campaign. While some groups and organizations have tens of millions of dollars to spend on advertising, our approach is to help clients get media attention without having to buy it.