Message Matters

How do you know if your message is working? Do you know how people really feel when they hear what you say? We test what really works, down to the word, with the actual people you are trying to influence.

2020 National Democratic Survey

See the results from our latest national poll on the 2020 race for the Democratic nomination

“Full Responsibility”

Why does this message matter, and how should it be used? We discuss specific words and phrases which make or break the meaning of the message.

What We Do

We test and develop new strategies, explore how audiences think, and develop communications plans that connect to how people really feel.

D.C. Metrorail: Surging into Confusion

We explain why “Safety Surges” – the term WMATA is using to describe the process of its recent major rail repair program – does not work, and only fuels confusion instead.

Who is Park Street?

Park Street Strategies is a Washington, D.C.-based firm specializing in communications and messaging strategy for a variety of political, labor and corporate clients.